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goliath gaming mission

We are advocates of the fact that the players are the assets of our business. Their success is directly related to our success. We want to act as a springboard for the players to grow in their own right as recognized professional athletes both locally and abroad.

Our medium to long-term vision is to bring gaming and esports to a wider audience, especially to the youth of South Africa. We want to build a gaming organisation with purpose; to make a change in society and influence the lives and career paths of the youth toward gaming and esports.

A South African Multi-Gaming Organisation

Goliath Gaming (GG) is a South African Multi-Gaming Organisation (MGO) which was founded in June 2017. Goliath Gaming competes in a number of competitive titles including: FIFA, Fortnite, StarCraft, Street Fighter, Tekken and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Goliath Gaming was named one of Fast Company South Africa’s “Most Innovative Companies” in 2017 and is involved in numerous projects outside of the competitive gaming space.

Goliath Gaming is home to some of South Africa’s top gaming talent who have represented South Africa on the world stage (including the FIFA eNations Cup in London, DreamHack in Delhi, the FIFA eWorld Cup Global Series Playoffs in Amsterdam, the PGL FIFA Masters in Bucharest and the World Electronic Sports Games in China).

Goliath Gaming is excited about the future of gaming and esports on both local and international shores, as well as the multitude of opportunities for players and brands alike that emerge from the growth and development of the industry.

The founders of Goliath Gaming have come together from a variety of professional industries, which includes: a PR and brand manager, a senior attorney, a financial investment specialist, a successful businessman and competitive esports players. Each founder brings with them a wealth of experience and passion to the business.