Goliath Gaming is not your average esports organisation.

Yes, we are setting out to win tournaments and become one of the most recognisable and successful professional esports teams in SA. More so than that, we have a longer term, bigger goal in mind that goes beyond the competitive side of gaming.

We want to build a gaming organisation with purpose; to make a change in society and influence the lives and career paths of the youth toward gaming and esports. Fuelled by our players’ and management’s passion, and powered by the #GoliathGamingArmy.

Thulani Sishi
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Julio 'Beast' Bianchi


A partnership to elevate your brand.

We continuously strive to find and adopt new and interesting ideas to profile the brand in line with key brand messaging and objectives.

We leverage the expertise and skills of GG co-founder and PR wunderkind Gabbi Brondani Rego of Urban Espresso to conceptualise a bespoke PR and marketing campaign that will raise the profile of a brand within the gaming and broader community. For long term partnerships and sponsorships with Goliath Gaming, we’re signed to the locally-based with a global footprint Kinetic Talent Management team – aka: our rockstar agents – who will make absolute magic for your brand.

Navigating the gaming and esports space in South Africa can be tricky. Our usual audience is made up of very engaging “techies” and millennials. With over 25 years of combined experience in the gaming and esports space, our co-founders provide consulting for our partners so that they better understand this specific market and then assist in developing the right strategy in line with key messaging and objectives.

Our ideal partnership is always a mutually beneficial one.


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