Jabhi Mabuza

Competitive Fighting Game player for Goliath Gaming and 2x Red Bull Hit The Streets Champion

rsa South Africa
30 Years

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  • Jabhi is an active streamer and content creator from Alexandra Township.
  • Jabhi has won the past three Red Bull Kumite qualifiers in South Africa, making him the back-to-back champion to represent South Africa on the international stage.
  • Achieved a 12 tournament win streak in local Street Fighter V.
  • Placed first in 15 local Street Fighter V tournaments.
  • Jabhi featured in and won the CapCom First-To-Ten Sets.
  • 3x Red Bull Hit the Streets Champion.
  • 33rd in the world at Red Bull Kumite Last Chance Qualifier, Las Vegas 2021.
  • Qualified for the CapCom Cup (America 2023). Jabhi will be the first player from Africa to ever compete at the international CapCom Cup.