200 Young South Africans

Busisiwe Cindy Masango-Steenkamp, 27, is setting out to change the status quo. She is a Fifa player for the South African esports team Goliath Gaming — being one of the few women signed to a pro-gaming team in SA — as well as the founder of Bring the Ball (BTB).

BTB is a football webpage started in 2021 with a focus on women’s soccer in Africa. Busi is on a mission to get more women involved in the game. She is helping teams with team logos and getting sponsorships, as well as helping inform the ladies about soccer trials happening in their area.

They post articles on the website, while Busi also does podcasts and videos to spread the news and updates on women’s football on the continent. She co-hosted “Play Fifa Like A Girl”, a women-only workshop to provide a safe space for girls and women to learn about Fifa, improve their game and build a sense of community among women in a male-dominated field.

“A woman playing soccer for Fifa was seen as wrong. I was judged and perceived as a strange girl growing up, especially when there were Fifa tournaments in the community (Midrand and Tembisa),” Busi says. “I would like South Africa to be a prosperous and inclusive nation with a thriving economy, high-quality education and healthcare systems, efficient infrastructure and equal opportunities for all citizens.”

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