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SA Gamers on Balancing Studies & Gaming

Gaming (be it casually or competitively) is growing in a big way in South Africa. The base of gamers is also getting younger and younger. If you’re big into gaming and are still in school or studying, how do you strike the right balance?

We chatted to some competitive gamers from Goliath Gaming who are also busy studying or still in school, to get their top tips.

Malik ‘King_Ling’ Fonseca – competitive Tekken player

11 year old Malik, who is currently in grade 6, notes that he doesn’t play games every day, he limits it to four days a week, and only games after school work is done. ‘When I come home from school the first thing I do is my homework. Only after that do I get into my games. I limit my game time to three hours, and once I’m done with game time, I read for an hour.’ Malik adds that it’s important to set these boundaries for yourself, and it helps to have your parents, guardian or an elder assisting you to keep track of time.

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