South African Esports Results Wrap | 27 September 2021

It was a packed weekend of local esports action with some major tournament series drawing to a close. We wrap up the known tournament results below.

VS Gaming Finals

VS Gaming had a full weekend with Rocket League and CS:GO for Masters, Championships and High School.

CS:GO Masters

  • 1st Place: Bravado Gaming
  • 2nd Place: DNMK
  • 3rd Place: Sinister 5
  • 4th Place: Goliath Gaming

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  1. Have South Africa not atempted to compete on an international level? I wish Sa were on the map, i see lots of tournaments but all Local, lets show the world we can compete againts, NIP. NAVI, G2, ASTRAliS, Goliath sounds good in there

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