Busisiwe Masango


Busisiwe “Busi96” Masango-Steenkamp is shattering barriers in territories that are unchartered in South Africa. E-sports has seen massive growth in South Africa, and it’s interesting to see that women are also taking up space in the virtual life of gaming.

Masango-Steenkamp is one such lady. After sustaining an injury in Netball, she decided to give soccer a try and that simple beginning has seen her evolve to a young lady that dominates both on the field and virtually.

“I remember seeing soccer players juggling the ball and I thought, I know this is something I can do.” I started playing FIFA in 2008, after physical training, after homework and all, I just started playing FIFA.”

She describes the e-sports space for black women in SA: “I remember walking into a café at Ebony Park that was full of boys, hoping to play FIFA and I remember getting comments that I should go home to cook or help my mom clean, what are you doing here. I brushed them aside and knew that I can show them what I made of. I knew that I’m better than most of these boys. It’s a very competitive and difficult.”

Busi is also the founder of Bring the Ball, a football page, started in 2021, focusing mainly on football . I have shifted my focus to women’s soccer In Africa. We are trying to get more women involved in the game. We are helping teams with team logos and getting sponsorships.

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