Gaming Goliaths gives back to community

Goliath gaming is an Esports team based in the South of Joburg and has over the last few years produced some of the best eSports players in the country.

The Comaro Chronicle caught up with the founder of the organisation, Aston Muller to find out what Goliath is busy with as well as their new programme where they help the youth of the area to get into the Esports as well as helping them stay off the streets.

Muller started Goliath gaming in 2017 with the help of Michele Brondani.

The team originally started with just 10 players but has grown to 24 players playing games ranging from Counter Strike: Global Offense to FIFA.

The team has also attracted sponsors like Nike and Red Bull to sponsor the players to help some of them turn it into a full-time jobs.

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