Thabo Moloi

My favourite Esports and Gaming stories from March 2021

I’ve been following Thabo “YvngSavage” Moloi’s journey since he broke on to the esports scene in South Africa as an unknown, claiming a R400 000 prize at a VS Gaming competition. Since then I’ve had the chance to document his story, travel with him to Dubai and get to know an extraordinary young man. He’s gone from young and shy to a confident person finding his own. My time with him as also awarded me the privilege of seeing behind the veneer of social media. I knew he had had a rough 2020 and asked if I could share that part of his story, the one we tend not to tell. He allowed me to sit down with him and talk about some of the struggles that come with “making it”.

This article was published by Tech Girl. Read the full article here.

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