Play FIFA Like a Girl 2023 is here!

In 2022 we started Play FIFA Like a Girl as a way to create a safe space for girls and women to learn to play FIFA. In 2023, we’re levelling up the concept to help prepare lady gamers to compete with the men in the South African FIFA tournaments. It’s time we rise up and own this space. Here is everything you need to know about Play FIFA Like a Girl.. and how you can register to participate!

I joined forces with Goliath Gaming to run the first Play FIFA Like a Girl. The concept was simple – I just wanted to create a space where ladies who didn’t have access to consoles or a safe space to play, could spend a day jamming FIFA and learning from pros. We had so much incredible support and I’d toyed with the idea of doing a second version of the event, but needed to figure out what that looked like.

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