Play FIFA Like A Girl

I’m joining forces with the rad team at Goliath Gaming to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. This is your introduction to Play FIFA like a girl.

This event has happened. You can get a look at what happened, here.

Here’s the thing:

Fifa 2017 for your boyfriend

A lot more people than you realise play games in South Africa. Almost everyone I speak to has a FIFA story to tell me. However, most people don’t have the privileged access a lot of us have. Consoles are shared with everyone in the family, data is damn expensive and, for women, there’s a whole host of other issues that come with jumping online to play games. Women have it harder. We’re harassed just because we’re women. We’re expected to be mind blowing level awesome in game or we are often ridiculed for even trying. We’re treated like weird unicorns because we happen to enjoy a hobby that really is meant to be for everyone.

If you’ve been around for awhile you know that I’ve tried in the past to find ways to make gaming a more inclusive space. I haven’t always got it right and sometimes I’ve relied heavily on brand support which has ultimately watered down the true objective of what I’m doing to try get return for the corporate. Goliath Gaming and I have been speaking about this for awhile and we realised that together we can make this happen the way we envision it. Now, we do it differently.

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