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Vuma connects Julio ‘Beast’ Bianchi to his FIFAe Club World Cup dream in Dubai

This year’s FIFAe Club Series 2022 and EA Global Series 1v1 qualifiers are set to kick off with nail-biting rounds that have kept players and fans glued to their screens! As part of Vuma’s 2021 sponsorship, Bianchi is attending a bootcamp in Dubai ahead of his qualifiers, where he can practice against some of the world’s best players.

Taking this opportunity to help more young South African players turn their passion for the virtual game into a lucrative career, we at Vuma have partnered with Goliath Gaming to sponsor Julio ‘Beast’ Bianchi as he competes for gold in these prestigious tournaments.

Additionally, since his most formidable opponents come from the Middle East and Egypt, the distance between him and them prevents him from having an even contest when he connects to matches from South Africa. By playing from Dubai, Bianchi gets to compete against these high-skilled opponents on a level playing field, allowing him to get the results he needs to progress through the tournaments.

Bianchi’s first tournament is round one of the FIFAe Club Series 2022 qualifiers on 10 and 11 February. He and his partner will be competing in the Middle East and African zone against some of the top FIFA clubs in the region.

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