Goliath Gaming’s Zaid April crowned SAFA eCup 2023 champion

The SAFA eCup finished with a bang this past weekend as Zaid April is crowned champion. The competition formed part of the global FIFAe Nations Series 2023 where FIFA member associations select their national teams to qualify for the nation vs nation finals in June 2023, and the South Africa Football Association (SAFA) has been participating since 2019.

The SAFA eCup 2023 started on the 4th of February with 2 online qualifiers culminating with the best 16 FIFA23 players from the qualifiers and FIFA rankings in South Africa battling it out. The Grand Finals started with 4 groups of 4, with Kaylan Moodley leading the pack, Thabo ‘Yvng Savage’ Moloi, Julio ‘Beast’ Bianchi & Zaid April all from Goliath Gaming, Ubaid Mahomed, Aqil Sampath with Orlando Pirates duo Aidan Bouah & Riaasat Ebrahim making the quarter finals. Zaid made the finals by dispatching his team mate Thabo Moloi to face Kaylan and win the crown without losing a match.

An elated Zaid said; “I am happy to have won the tournament unbeaten as the competition was tough against my team mates at Goliath Gaming and the national team. We know each other very well and on the day anyone can win it but I am happy that my performance was good at the right times during the tournament.”  The new SAFA eCup champion retains his spot in the national team for 2023 and the team will soon be competing in the FIFAe Nations Online Qualifiers on the 13th of April 2023 in the Africa-Middle-East region, joining Ghana, Morocco, Egypt and Kenya as African representatives in the FIFA23 competition.

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