FIFA eNations World Cup main event - eBafana Bafana - London, 2019

FIFA22 – What To Expect

The most anticipated game for many South Africans, FIFA22, is set to release globally on 1 October. We take a look at what players can expect in this latest entry into the popular series.

Electronic Arts (EA), the maker of FIFA 22, has upgraded the new version to enhance gameplay. It’ll use a new AI system for goalkeepers to make the experience more realistic and reliable. – plus, FIFA 22 is reportedly going to feature keepers with personalities, causing them to react under pressure and incorporate human decision-making. Along with the AI, some physics issues have been tweaked as well. Things like ground friction, rolling friction and air drag should give the ball a more real-life type of movement. Other changes include the option to play as women in FIFA 22’s Pro Clubs, mode and Explosive Sprint, which gives you control over quick bursts of energy from players, making for more dynamic gameplay. FIFA 22 will also feature next-gen motion capture of 22 professional players at high intensity to build on the realistic gameplay.

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