Celebrating the rich heritage of CSGO in South Africa

South African CSGO legends reminisce…

Counter Strike Global Offensive released on 21 August 2012 and quickly became one of the primary esports in South Africa. Throughout the years it has captivated the hearts of local fans, with each year culminating in a big October LAN event to determine which team reigns supreme in South Africa. The LAN event has changed names, sponsors and locations but the prestige of being the year’s top performer remains.
What began as a weekend yearly LAN in the “basements” of rAge has transformed into a thriving competitive scene with a multitude of tournaments. CSGO is the big daddy of South African esports. The title easily led the charge in growing competitive gaming locally and survived what most would call the South African Esports bubble burst in 2018. In fact, 2018 saw South African CSGO thrive on the global stage, with Bravado Gaming moving their roster to America and allowing local fans to watch a team do the seemingly impossible – coming second at Dreamhack Winter and having players picked up by global juggernaut at the time, Cloud9 Gaming.
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