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Red Bull Hit the Streets 2021 – Everything you need to know!

Red Bull Hit the Streets is upon us and to make sure you’re ready for all the SA Fighting Games goodness, here is everything you need to know about the finals, happening on the 26 September.
Red Bull Hit the Streets began in 2019 with a huge street party that included the best Street Fighter players battling it out for a chance to win a spot in Red Bull Kumite Japan. Legendary Street Fighter player, Tsunehiro “Gachikun” Kanamori even travelled to the country to watch the players compete and hand over first prize to Jabhi “JabhiM” Mabuza, who went on to travel overseas for the first time, where he caught the attention of the international community. In 2020, the COVID pandemic stopped any chances for the competitors to truly Hit the Streets, but the competition still took place, albeit with a non existent crowd, in the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. For 2020, Tekken was added as a second title for the competition, with JabhiM reclaiming his Street Fighter top spot while Ighsaan “Iggy” Latief won the Tekken competition. With these wins both players guaranteed themselves a place in the Grand Finals for Red Bull Hit the Streets 2021.
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